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Posted on 01-05-2016

You have probable heard it before and maybe even said it before yourself; "Once you start seeing a chiropractor, you have to keep going forever."  We NEVER hear this about the dentist, optometrist or other health care providers that a person sees year after year.  So why do folks use this excuse, based on a falsehood, to forgo chiropractic care?

This myth, that once a person starts chiropractic care it must continue forever, is based on the medical model. If one takes a medical route, there is a prescription for drugs or surgery. The intent is that a single intervention makes the symptom go away, at which time the medicare care is complete.  But is it? 

Once a person starts exercising, when is it a good time to stop? Once a person starts eating health food, when is it a good time to stop? The answer to these questions is--Never"

The same is true with chiropractic. Once someone possesses a healthy spine and nerve system, when is it a good time to stop keeping it health?  The obvious answer is-- Never!

Voice for Health page 5

Jan-Feb 2016

Susan Sharp

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