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Posted on 12-08-2014

Massage is beneficial for improving circulation and improving muscle movement.

Massage does not address deeper structures such as the spinal bones and nerves and facet joints that greatly affect your health.  Your brain controls your entire body directly and (indirectly via hormones) through the nervous system which is enclosed in your spinal column.

How does Chiropractic help these deep structures.  The quick movement of the individual spinal bone or bones back into proper alignment allows for full nerve power to flow and to improve the movement of the joints in close proximity to move at their optimum to prevent a spinal joint from becoming "locked" or have less to minimal normal movement. 

If a spinal joint loses it normal movement, it starts a chain reaction starting with dull achy pain that never goes away to more life limiting problems that could include osteophytic spurs also known as bone spurs and numbness or higher levels of pain when doing strenuous activities. This chain reaction is also known as spinal decay. As the saying says, "if you don't use it you lose it". 

Unfortunately,  as with dental health it is not always possible for a person to know when a joint is losing or has lost its normal movement so a spinal check-up is vital to keeping your spine healthy. Massage does not address the deep spinal structures.

Keeping your deeper spinal structures moving properly is of paramount importance to your nervous system which is enclosed in your spinal column and ultimately to keeping you moving freely and healthfully.

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