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Posted on 06-28-2018

Yard Work & Gardening Tips from our Tacoma Chiropractor

Spring and summer is the time of year that most people dust off their yard work equipment and head outdoors to tend to their lawns and gardens. Unfortunately, improper form while gardening can lead to muscle pain, joint pain, injury and issues with your back, neck, and spine. However, following some simple safety tips from our Tacoma chiropractor can assist you in staying healthy and free of injury while gardening or doing yard work. If you do find yourself injured from gardening, rest assured that Bakke Chiropractic Clinic is also here to provide you with focused relief and assistance when you need help recovering.

Woman gardening

Stretch Your Muscles and Warm Up

Proper stretching and warmup can ensure your muscles and joints are in the proper state to safely perform all of the physical postures required to work in the yard or garden. Stretch the leg muscles, lower back, upper back and the arms before beginning your gardening session. Consider a cool-down stretching session afterward as well.

Heat and Hydration Considerations

As spring heats up and approaches summer, the temperatures can rise as well. Be mindful of your own heat tolerance and take breaks in the shade when required. Drink plenty of water so that you stay hydrated as well. Wear a sun hat and loose, comfortable clothing that offers some sun protection.

Maintain Proper Form While Gardening

In addition to stretching, proper form is crucial to keeping your back and spine healthy while gardening. Never bend at the waist when planting seeds, weeding or lifting heavy items. Instead, bend at the knees and keep your spine straight.

Also, make sure all of your joints are tracking straight while gardening or doing yard work. Avoid twisting movements or awkward positions, and you will reduce your risk of injury.

Contact Bakke Chiropractic Clinic in Tacoma for Pain Relief

If you do experience muscle pain from injuring your back or joints while doing gardening or yard work, your Tacoma chiropractor at Bakke Chiropractic Clinic can help. We offer premier chiropractic care in the form of adjustments and spinal manipulation. Contact us today at 253-472-3365 for more information.

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