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Natural Treatments for Work Injuries with Bakke Chiropractic Clinic

Most of us place a fairly high priority on earning a living -- which is why work injuries can cause both intense pain and severe frustration and anxiety about your future. But invasive surgery to treat a work injury can necessitate some extended downtime of its own. Fortunately, Bakke Chiropractic clinic in Tacoma WA can provide you with natural, non-surgical work injury care to help you get back to your job and your everyday life.

Many Kinds of Work Injuries: Causes and Symptoms

Work injuries can take many different forms and have many different causes. You might suffer from a work injury accident injury, or you might develop a chronic work injury over a period of time. Examples of work injury accident injury problems include:

  • Herniated discs and dislocated joints from a slip and fall
  • Torn muscles or connective tissues in the lower back due to improper lifting practices
  • Whiplash cause by vehicular work accidents

Chronic work injuries stem from overuse of certain body parts due to repetitive motions required by your job or work environment. Poor workplace ergonomics (such as awkward positioning of desks, chairs, monitors, file cabinets or keyboards) can force you to bend, stoop, or stretch your body into unnatural postures. Constant overuse of specific tissues can cause those tissues to become inflamed and swollen, potentially causing nerve impingement, pain and/or loss of function. Examples of chronic work injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis (if you must stand or walk for hours at a time), rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder, and "text neck" from holding your head at unnatural angles (to view your monitor or mobile device).

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Our chiropractor, Dr. Danan Bakke, understands how work environments, habits, and injuries affect the body. We will examine your musculoskeletal alignment while evaluating your current symptoms, history of any medical issues, everyday work tasks, and any recent incidents that may have produced acute damage. We can then create a personalized treatment program including such options as:

  • Spinal decompression therapy to ease discs problems and nerve compression
  • A chiropractic adjustment to get your joints back into their proper positions
  • Massage therapy, HydroMassage, rehabilitative exercises, cold laser therapy and/or cryotherapy to ease inflammatory pain and promote healing
  • Ergonomic advice to help you create a healthier work environment for your body

Call Bakke Chiropractic Clinic -- Where We Work to Help You Heal

We know how important your work is to you. We feel equally passionate about our work -- which is all about helping you feel and heal better. Call Bakke Chiropractic Clinic at 253-472-3365 to schedule work injury care in Tacoma!